“I always say, 'This will be my last 'Metal Gear.'” Hideo Kojima


personal { name: Jordi, class: Engineer, level: 30, };

attributes { strength: 2, intelligence: 4, dexterity: 5, endurance: 6, concentration: 2, };

languages { Spanish: native, Catalan: C, English: B2.2, Japanese: A1.3, };


Java: Lvl. 8

Unity3D: Lvl. 2

LibGDX: Lvl. 2

Android: Lvl. 6

iOS: Lvl. 1

HTML5: Lvl. 3

CSS3: Lvl. 3

Javascript: Lvl. 3

Git: Lvl. 2

Jquery: Lvl. 3

C#: Lvl. 2

Python: Lvl. 1

Ruby: Lvl. 1

Gaming: Lvl. MAX

C++: Lvl. 2

SDL2: Lvl. 1


Master's Degree in Video Game Design and Development UOC


Technical Engineering in Computer Systems UOC

graduated, 2011

Diploma in Computer Systems UPC

not finished


Packed and compressed into GitHub Pages with Jekyll.

Using Monokai theme for Rouge. Also using Coda typeface and Font Awesome.

Sonic image ripped by Xinos found on Sprites Resource. I'm a huge SEGA and Sonic fan.

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