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Solving FX Classics Store not working

If you live in Spain or Italy you probably know FX Interactive. They are an spanish company that sells very good PC videogames (Deponia, Tzar, …) on very nice packaging for a quiet cheap price (and fully translated to Spanish/Italian). Lately they are better known outside Spain/Italy for their Football Club Simulator, which is the spiritual child of the mytical PCFútbol.

In recent years they created an online store to sell digital copies of their games at even lower prices. They manage everything, not relying on Steam (except for FCS) or whatever. And being that close sometimes give users some headaches. If you are unable to install games from their site, check this troubleshooter. If not, you can entirely skip this post.

Does the site warns you to use Firefox while using Firefox?

If you get this error below use a 32-bit version of Firefox.

It prompts me to install FXWebPlayer everytime

Are you using Windows 10? If so, FXWebPlayer installation path will be different because now it will install on C:\ProgramData. There is no “All Users” user folder anymore. FXWebPlayer is probably unable to register as a Firefox plugin. You need to register it manually (or right-click on this and get a .reg file) and then restart Firefox. The register information , in case the reg file disappears, is the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Description"="Lanzador de juegos de FX Interactive"
"ProductName"="Lanzador de juegos de FX Interactive"
"Vendor"="FX Interactive"

If you are not using Windows 10, check if FXWebPlayer is installed on C:\ProgramData and this solution will also work.

It still does not work/I’m experiencing another problem/I have another solution

You can always contact FX themselves or send me a tweet. Keep supporting FX by buying their games.

Happy gaming!