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Howto update Windows 10 to Anniversary Update with Intel+AMD Hybrid Graphics

If you happen to own a computer (probably a laptop) with Hybrid Graphics (which means you have an integrated Intel GPU and a dedicated AMD/ATi GPU) and you are trying to update your current Windows 10 installation to build 1607 (that is, the so-called Anniversary Update)…BEWARE!

Read this first.

Don’t be so dramatic

I warn you. I have lost countless hours on this stupid thing until I realised we (as AMD Radeon owners) have been cursed!

Usually, the update goes like a charm and you can continue your life with your brand new (updated) Windows 10. BUT…try to boot into Safe Mode. Does it work? Does it boot into Safe Mode? Have you screwed System Restore like I did and forced you to reformat the whole system?

Yes. And no

Ok, have a good day.

Happy whatever!


No. And yes

A-HA! Continue reading.

Whenever something goes wrong with my laptop, I ALWAYS have a suspect. And it’s called: Hybrid Graphics. So, what I have found so far is:

KEEP AN EYE ON WINDOWS UPDATE. If WU updates your drivers, you will be forced to start again from scratch. DDU will disable the auto-update driver feature, but sometimes it does not work.
  1. BEFORE UPDATING: Boot into Safe Mode and use DDU to uninstall your graphics cards drivers (first AMD, then Intel).
  2. Boot into normal mode and update Windows through this app. Don’t worry, it’s an official Microsoft link, more info here.
  3. The tool will download required files and then proceed to update Windows 10 to build 1607. Your computer will reboot a couple of times until you can finally login.
  4. Once you’re again looking at your desktop wallpaper, proceed to install the official Intel driver for your INTELgrated GPU.
  5. Reboot and install the 16.2.1 UnifL AMD driver from Leshcat. ONLY THE AMD DRIVER. Just run the UnifL executable, wait for it to finish extraction and then go to the C:\Drivers\Catalyst_16.2.1_UnifL_v1.0\AMD\16.2.1 folder and run Setup.exe. Uncheck “Automatically download new drivers”.
  6. Reboot and you’re done!
NOTE: I have been able to update to the official 16.300.2311.0 through Radeon Settings without any trouble. But installing unmodified AMD drivers will freeze your computer or keep it unable to sleep or shutdown. Always go from Leshcat one (at least, for the moment).

Happy whatever!